Some wept as tributes to the two victims were read

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canada goose coats The lake is part of an abandoned copper pyrite mine where a woman body was found by chance last month in a flooded shaft, setting off an investigation that police say led to the island nation first known serial killer.The 35 year old army captain told investigators he killed five women and two girls, and disposed of three bodies those of a Filipino woman and a Romanian mother and daughter in the man made lake. A suitcase with the remains of a woman was found at the bottom a week ago.Several hundred people gathered at the site Sunday to light candles and lay flowers in memory of the two first victims, both of whom were from the Philippines. Some wept as tributes to the two victims were read.Cyprus Special Disaster Response Unit carry a suitcase after it was retrieved from a man made lake near the village of Mitsero outside of the capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Sunday, May 5, 2019. canada goose coats

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