25 times more energy than matter not far from the factor of 3

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

the Same Thing?

I’ve said it many times, but it bears repeating: regular matter only accounts for 4% of the Universe. The other 96% dark matter and dark energy is a total mystery. Wouldn’t it be convenient if we could find a single explanation for both? Astronomers from the University of St. Andrews are ready to decrease the mysteries down to one.

Dr. HongSheng Zhao at the University of St. Andrews School of Physics and canada goose outlet Astronomy has developed a model that shows how dark energy and dark matter are more closely linked than previously thought.

Dr Zhao points out, «Both dark matter and dark energy could be two faces of the same coin. «As astronomers gain understanding of the subtle effects of dark energy in galaxies in the future, we will solve the mystery of astronomical dark matter at the same time.»

cheap canada goose vest Just a quick explainer. Dark energy was discovered in the late 1990s during a survey of distant supernova. Instead of finding evidence that the mutual gravity of all the objects in the Universe is slowing down its expansion, researchers discovered that its expansion is actually accellerating. cheap canada goose vest

canada goose gilet mens uk Dark matter was first theorized back in 1933 by Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky. He noted that galaxies shouldn’t be able to hold themselves together with just the regular matter we can see. There must be some additional, invisible matter surrounding the regular matter that provides the additional gravitational uk canada goose force to hold everything together. canada goose gilet mens uk

uk canada goose And since their discoveries plenty of additional evidence for both dark energy and dark matter have been seen across the Universe. uk canada goose

buy canada goose jacket cheap In Dr. Zhao’s model, dark energy and dark matter the same thing Canada Goose Jackets that he calls a «dark fluid». On the scale of galaxies, this fluid behaves like matter, providing a gravitational force. And in the large scales, the fluid helps drive the expansion of the Universe. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose clearance uk Dr. Zhao’s model is detailed enough to produce the same 3:1 ratio of dark energy to dark matter measured by cosmologists. canada goose clearance uk

Of course, canada goose coats on sale any theory like this only gains ground when it starts making predictions that can be tested through observation. Dr. Zhao expects the work at the Large Hadron Collider to be fruitless. If he’s right, dark matter particles will have such low energy that the collider won’t be able to generate them.

The paper was recently published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters in December 2007, and Physics Review D. 2007.

Original Source: University of St. Andrews News Release

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I an idiot for believing the Universe began from a single point called the Big Bang. Big Bang Theory, as I understand, its not an attempt to explain the origin of the universe. The Big Bang was not an explosion. It just states that the universe has been expanding from a super hot, super dense state 13 billion years ago.

It is simply, the apparent expansion of the universe.

Saying came from the big bang is therefore, in a sense, like saying on earth came from natural selection. just bugs me when people talk about the big bang theory or the theory of natural selection in the context of origins (of the universe/life, respectably).

canada goose outlet london uk We searched for and rejected the idea that there is a fabric or medium, call it the aether, over a century ago. canada goose outlet london uk

Let start by dismissing the term particle as too specific to human sensory perception and instead call the collective observed phenonena masses instead just behaviors or functions.

Dark whatevers (mass and or energy) becomes the framework within which the observable functions operate. inertial and weights), etc. and energy become application layers on top f an operating system.

I trying to understand this as best as possible, being only in high school, but if it was antimatter and actually had the ability to lessen the friction between matter, how would it hold things together? Or does antimatter have a gravitational pull all it own? From what I gather from the article, this dark matter is something that can hold a galaxy together. I can see from your standpoint how it would accelerate the expansion of the Canada Goose Outlet universe, but I still don see how it would affect a galaxy. Wouldn the galaxy disperse if it was accelerating as fast as the universe?

Cosmology is a far cry from physics with regards to certainty. Of course the nature quantam mechanics still gives classical physicists headaches. Any physicist would cringe at a scientific discipline that has to invoke entities such as dark matter and dark energy to keep its theories from sinking. These concepts still seem a bit far fetched to me and I, like many others, would like to see either of these detected and measured for the first time before I am canada goose clearance satisfied that everyone is on the right track. A little bit of reserved judgement and skepticism is always healthy. I always find it amusing how cosmologists can become absolutist when someone questions the existance of these entities which have yet to be independently observed and measured. To such people I ask is this a religion or a buy canada goose jacket cheap scientific dicipline?

All I was meaning is that if the universe is expanding (which it is) and at an accelerating pace (whch it is), that is similar to what happens in an atom during phase shift. the electrons increase orbit to take on energy or decrease orbit and expel a photon. i believe the universe is one of many and ours is taking on energy from a neaby universes. i dont see why an expanding universe leads people to only one conclusion that it started from one spot. we can observer at the atomic level the same thing the universe is doing, but do atoms originate from one spot? make sense? i could be wrong, but i believe that in my heart.

uk canada goose store Why does anyone assume that with their limited knowledge canada goose clearance sale and understanding that they should be able to uk canada goose outlet comprehend the greatest mysteries of the universe? Not even the scientists working on this think they know how it works. There are some working theories and suggestions only. If anyone here thinks canada goose that they can actually understand alternate universes as put forward by string theory, then you live in a overwhelmingly simplified universe or you are kidding yourself. They are, at best, mathematical concepts without even a hint of what they might mean to us in a visual or Newtonian physics way. We are babes in the woods in this field. uk canada goose store

In response to Cloy: don think of antimatter, but of a new kind of vector field, like the magnetic field fridge magnets create. (A vector is an arrow, so a map of wind speeds and directions is another example of a vector field.) Dr. Zhao seems to be saying that he can mathematically define a vector field that has positive pressure (and thus positive gravity) in and near galaxies, but negative pressure (which accelerates the universe) in regions far away from galaxies. The difference between those regions is the acceleration of gravity relatively high near galaxies, relatively low far from galaxies and at a certain acceleration his dark fluid changes its behavior. It predicts 2.25 times more energy than matter not far from the factor of 3 observed; that plus some other predictions make it more than just a mathematical curiosity. It does not concern itself with the beginning of the universe: it predicts an absurdity a singularity at some point in the distant past. This is a long recognized constraint on the description, and possibly on the theory: hence attempts to overcome this canada goose uk outlet problem by formulating universe hypothesis, and theory, etc.

As to the topic of this article, the possible unification of dark energy and dark matter is intriguing but I am still uncomfortable with these mysterious matters Dark energy may seem to be necessary because of oversimplifying our models of the universe: It reminds me of the story of the physicist asked by a dairy scientist to help him improve the milk yield of his herd. The physicist began will assume and spherical, isotropic, and homogeneous cow

Other explanations for the observed phenomena are not, at present, in fashion but seem to me to be worth much more consideration. For example; The paper by Nan Li, Marina Seikel and Dominik J. Schwarz (arXiv:0801.3420v1 [astro ph] 22 Jan 2008). to the problem of dark energy and dark matter, their unification: Is dark energy an effect of averaging? In place of assuming that unknown dark matter and dark energy are the dominant contributions to the cosmic energy budget. They review the logic that leads to the postulated dark energy and present an alternative point of view, by properly Canada Goose Online taking into account the influence of cosmic structures on global observables.

Mustapha Ishak, James Richardson, Delilah Whittington, David Garred (arXiv:0708.2943v1 [astro ph] 22 Aug 2007) Energy or Apparent Acceleration Due to a Relativistic Cosmological Model More Complex than FLRW? Their work appears cheap Canada Goose to support the possibility of apparent rather than real acceleration.